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How (Originally MyBeeStore)?

I always had an interest in beekeeping but for years lacked the time or money to pursue the hobby. About 9 years ago I found myself with more time on my hands and my interest in beekeeping was rekindled.

Around this time I was introduced to my local county Beekeeping Association. They ran an “introduction to beekeeping course” over 6 weekends which covered some of the theory and practical aspects of beekeeping. This I found invaluable and I would thoroughly recommend novice beekeepers seeking out such courses and joining their local Bee Associations. A year after attending that course and  having attended some of the practical sessions at the training apiary, I felt confident enough to get my own colony!

So I needed equipment, clothing and bees……

Bee Keeping Clothing Tools and Accessories

Prices of all products relating to beekeeping seemed to range from very reasonable to very expensive. I set about finding out why this should be.

It transpired that most equipment was manufactured overseas and imported into this country. On further inspection the quality of these goods varied immensely.

We started contacting manufacturers predominately in China, India and Pakistan, gaining further information and samples.  Having decided on manufacturers that satisfied our quality requirements and at acceptable price points, we started importing.

This worked well to begin with but of course mean our range was restricted. As MyBeeStore gained in popularity we added products imported by others.

We now no longer import ourselves but concentrate on being the supermarket for the bee world!  This has many advantages for you the customer. Just like Asda or Tesco we can, and do sell the same products from different suppliers. This means, if one supplier is out of stock there is likely another with stock available. This means without leaving our site you will probably find exactly what you are looking for.

Opening of the original My Bee Store

MyBeeStore opened in March 2017.

Our mission then, as now, is to sell safe, well-designed, beekeeping clothing and equipment at very competitive prices.

The MyBeeStore following has continued to grow and many customers asked if they could buy other beekeeping products from us.  In 2019 we added further ranges of beekeeping equipment and bee accessory sectors to our site.

Janmart Beekeeping Today

One our major outlets, eBay UK , changed the measuring algorithm used to measure stores performance. A computer somewhere decided that our delivery performance was below satisfactory (even though we had 100% satisfactory rating from our customers) and proceeded to delete our listings from eBay. Despite numerous calls and emails to their customer service a resolution could not be found and so we had to open another shop under a different name. Hence Janmart Beekeeping was born.

We still supply all the traditional beekeeper clothing, accessories and hives as we did before. In fact nothing has changed except of course the name. We still want to introduce new innovative materials and practices into the marketplace.

We do hope you enjoy the shopping experience at Janmart Beekeeping as we move closer to the “one stop shop” that was always envisioned.

May I thank you for your support in the past and continued support going forward


Go straight to the store and get shopping!!       www.janmart-beekeeping.com/store


Keeping bees buzzing and beekeepers happy!

You can contact us using the contact page or if you prefer telephone Martin on 07738 477668 or email martin@janmart-beekeeping.com

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Is there a way I can get the dimensions of the polystyrene six frame nuc national queen excluder? In inches? I’m from the United States. Thank you. Also, do you ship to the United States?

    1. Hello and apologies for the delay.

      The size is 11.81 inches by 17.71 inches (30cm x 45cm)
      We do not normally ship to the USA but depending on the quantity required we could get a price for you.

      Many thanks and happy beekeeping


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